Prayer for the First Day of School

Most Loving God -

Make me an instrument of Your peace.

Help me speak truth to power
And empower students to seek the truth.

Help me to provide creative avenues for the exploration of

Help me connect students to the past,
To each other, and
To the world.

Help me to be a supportive colleague and
Collaborative employee.

Help me to make changes and
Accept when I can't.

Help me to take care of myself, thereby
Freeing myself to give to others.

Help me to be patient,
Strong, and

Help me to model egalitarian living,
Life-long learning, and

Help me to honor cultures,
Respect diversity, and
Facilitate understanding.

Help me to be present for my partner,
My family,
My students, and
My friends.

Help me to communicate clearly and
Expect wisely.

Help me to persevere,
To never discount a student,
To never make someone feel small.

Help me to avoid the temptations of gossip and

Help me to take a deep breath in difficult situations,
Assume the best, and
Discern conflict.

Help me to remember that a student's wellbeing
Is more important than my

Help me to provide an environment that is
Safe and

Help me to bring talent to the surface,
To encourage the smallest victories, and
To motivate greatness.

Help me to be myself.

Help me to see the wonderful things,
To document lovely moments.

Help me to be transparent while
Maintaining boundaries.

Help me to learn from constructive criticism and
Improve from others' ideas.

Help me not to feel insecure.

Help me to have confidence in my own abilities and
My own dreams.

Help me to be grateful,
Even when I am frustrated.

Help me to say thank you and
Provide encouragement.

Help me to relinquish fear and
Model courage.

And help my students to know that I care.


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