Church Tour: Evangelical Presbyterian


This church is across the street from a homeless shelter in an unassuming metal building. Two teen-aged African American girls greeted us at the door. A white boy, around the age of four, stood talking to an older African American woman like she was his grandma. I ran into an acquaintance on the stairs who was surprised and happy to see me. We found seats as the singing began. I choked up when I surveyed the worship team—a group of twenty people comprised of every possible ethnic background. We sat next to a black woman, in front of a white family, and behind an interracial couple and their daughter. For the benediction we held hands across the aisle, and I felt God’s connection through all the different colored hands. The staff reflects the intentional multi-racial mission of this church, with white, black, Asian, and Hispanic leaders.

I enjoyed reciting the Nicene creed, singing hymns and contemporary praise and worship, and standing for the reading of the Word. The pastor, a gentle yet authoritative black man with a welcoming spirit, had just returned from a short sick leave and sang a song of thanks. He preached a sermon that directly applied to our lives, about special divine guidance. Everyone was so different yet so loving and warm.

God is moving there to heal racial strife. He is uniting people of all economic backgrounds. He is letting His Word be proclaimed. Through the different ministries of the church, He is rehabilitating drug and alcohol addicts and former inmates, serving those dealing with grief, and offering a viable model for unity to those who are willing to give up a little something to worship with everyone.

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