The Philadelphia Story Comes to an End

I'll pick up where Eric left off... Wednesday night we were very lucky to attend the Target-sponsored free night at the Franklin Institute. Target's always saying they do things for the community, so it was nice to see that. Once a month the Franklin lets folks wander in after 5:00, which was great for us since I was working during the day. This renowned science museum features a Giant Heart, which you can walk through all the ventricles and other parts, a plane exhibit, a train exhibit, a weather room, and lots of other cool stuff. We also got to go in the Narnia exhibit, which featured props from the two movies and offered lessons on ecology. We geeked out a little b/c we actually got to walk from a living room, through a wardrobe with coats, and into the wintry wonderland (complete with falling snow). It was pretty cool.

We topped off the night with a romantic walk through Love Park and dinner at the Kite and Key pub (yep, everything is an homage to Franklin in Philly).

Thursday I finished my work early so we went shopping. OK, I went shopping and Eric walked along with me. Of course it was raining and cold, but we had great weather until then so I can't complain. We hoofed it from our B&B to the train station, about a 25 minute walk with our bags in tow, caught a train to the airport and waited for our late plane.

We tend to dream about what it would be like to live different places we visit, so we created a few scenarios to live in Philadelphia. Of course, we'd buy the house on Elfreth's Alley. I'd work at one of the many universities (hopefully the Quaker one, how cool would that be?), and Eric could work at the boarding school for at risk kids. And on the weekends we'd dress up like historical figures and conduct historical/literary tours.

I never said we weren't cheesy.

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