I could make waves with all my word,
Could address,
Could empower,
Could challenge.
And I do.
It's just that the words
Are silent sometimes,
Lost in the meaning of
Many thoughts gone awry.
Because I plan my words
To lift up,
To connect,
To exemplify.
And sometimes they fall short.
And I do.
And you wouldn't guess
That I'm on my way,
That I'm closer
And broader
And higher.
I give you my word.
Count me here through it all.
You can't stumble on devotion,
It has to be built.
That's why I stand on the Word-
It's a peaceful sword
With multiple meanings
And countless graces.
It's like apples,
Like silver,
Like every metaphor
Rolled into one.
I'm a word,
Or a letter,
Or a poem,
Or a story,
Singing my way to the open distance
That won't be forgotten.
And I don't.
Because it's why,
And how,
And perpetually who
I choose to live my life to be.
The myth of beauty
And the allure of wealth
Will not be my end.
I'm real,
Before a word
Is spoken,
Before a breath
Is drawn,
Scoring my way through those waters
Beating on.
Against the current.
Not ceaseless,
Just steady.
In a word,
I am.

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