Why We're (Not) Hipsters

According to the Wikipedia page, a hipster is revived term that describes "young, recently-settled urban middle class adults and older teenagers with interests in non-mainstream fashion and culture, particularly alternative music, independent rock, [and] independent film." As much as we attempt to defy categorization, this label fits us pretty darn well. We get produce from an organic co-op, bike, avoid chain restaurants, use Green Mountain Energy, got liberal arts educations, live in an old house in a funky urban neighborhood, discuss postmodernism and quickly ran out to see Where the Wild Things Are.

I could go on and on, but Eric and I made a list of how we're NOT hipsters, to make ourselves feel better. Here's how we don't fit the stereotype:

1) Most importantly, we don't like coffee. We can't stand the taste. Never mind that we frequent coffee shops. We prefer organic tea (and Dr. Pepper).

2) We don't wear thick-rimmed glasses a-la Rob Bell.

3) We don't listen to NPR. We don't have anything against public radio, but I listen to crappy top 40 stations and Eric listens to sports talk.

4) We know what we want to "be when we grow up". I've known I wanted to teach history (et. al.) since I was at least 15. We're both living those careers and we like them.

5) We may like Nickel Creek and Bob Dylan and some of the other hipster flagship musicians, but we are really quite removed from the indie music scene. I think I consumed a little too much as a teenager. I probably couldn't pick out an Arcade Fire song from a mix.

See? We don't fit it completely.

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