San Diego So Far

I'm in San Diego for the American Historical Association conference and here are some things I've done whilst here:

* Shared a cab from the airport to the conference with two strangers who I knew were going just by looking at them
* Laughed at my colleagues who geeked out when they realized one of their historian heroes was sitting at the next table
* Laughed at myself when I got starstruck ("Omg, Paula Giddings is going to be here? Do you even know how she's influenced the field of African American women's history?!")
* Accidentally spent $36 on lunch (only in California does a "side salad" cost $7)
* Watched a protest parade call for a boycott of a downtown hotel for reasons I'm still not sure
* Watched the sunset over the ocean from a cliff
* Ate frozen yogurt at a place that tried unsuccessfully to mix yoga and yogurt in their store title
* Watched behind the scenes stuff on Lost with friends who are as crazy about as I am
* Had dinner with a good friend I've known since undergrad, who lives in Houston but who I can only seem to get together with at out of town conferences
* Got up before 8 am two days in a row
* Heard a professor rap about World War Two
* Attended a breakfast, special session, board meeting, reception, and dinner for my organization all in one day
* Had a drink with colleagues I haven't seen in 3 years
* Wandered into Gordana's (Project Runway season 6) shop (she wasn't there)
* Heard the phrases "feminist pedagogy" and "Christian historian" and no one rolled their eyes
* Bought new shoes b/c my heels were driving my crazy and my others were too small
* Got lost walking back from the Gaslamp District
* Stated my name, affiliation, dissertation topic, and future plans approximately 247 times
* Got eaten by a very cute, very crazy Jack Russell puppy
* Discovered "Facing History and Ourselves"
* Discovered that the C.S. Lewis Foundation is building a university (my kids are definitely going to C.S. Lewis College!!)
* Wore a suit for 12 hours
* Decided I miss California a lot
* Missed my husband a whole lot

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Daniel Buchanan said...

Sounds like a great trip thus far! Very cool.

Saba said...

Oh that's much more productive (and fun) than what I did in Houston while you were in California.

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