Collage and Collaboration

I've been inspired by the creative projects of Shauna Maness, so I've been dabbling a bit this week. I love to do collages. It doesn't require too much artistic talent but stretches my creative juices. Normally I save the same sorts of magazines, but this time I decided to branch out.

I don't follow sports at all. Apart from attending the occasional Astros game and becoming quite the patriot during the Olympics, I'm just not into it. So I took Eric's last ESPN magazine and cut out some of the sports metaphors. (I will give the mag credit, though... in March they featured a pregnant WNBA player on the cover and dedicated the issue to Women's History Month. Three cheers!) Anyway, I don't connect with sports metaphors generally, so I thought it would be a fun experiment. I cut them apart and wove them into poetry I created as I went along. Here's the result:

Then, I took a great article cover shot with a baseball, stuck it in the center, and surrounded it with flowers from an old bridal magazine. I wanted to blend two completely different publications, marketed with such gusto to two very different crowds:

And tonight for date night, Eric and I "collagabrated" as he called it to create what I think is an awesome collage. We used mostly travel magazines, and he had the idea to write poetic lines inspired by the "Color of Love" clipping. For example, I wrote, "Shine like the deep orange color of the earth that cradles us." Together we can be quite clever:

I hope you'll do something creative today!

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shauna maness said...

lauren!! these are amazing!! how sweet it is to be inspired!! you've inspired me- i LOVE the first project!! i am going to borrow that for a class!!

you are brilliant and most beautiful as always...

Jessica said...

These are great! I haven't done a collage in a long time, the girls and I will have to work on some for art next week. Thinking of a theme...

So inspiring! And today I was creative, I blogged and worked on my book. Thanks for the inspiration!

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