Paris Je T'aime

Forgive my typos because French keyboards are very different from American ones.

I must say that Paris has truly surpassed my highest expectations. It must surely be the most beautiful city in the world. Of course, we have benefitted from lovely weather and a nice air-conditioned hotel. Still, the city is breathtaking in so many ways. I won't say much about the normal tourist stuff. It is all great of course. Our hotel is right down the street from the Eiffel Tower, so we have seen plenty of it. It is stunning, much different in person. I always thought it was black, but it is actually brown. Who knew? The Musee d'Orsay (which features the famous Impressionist painters) is my favorite museum ever. It is housed in a beautiful renovated railway station. I liked it much better than the Louvre, which Iwas mostly bored by, except for the beautiful castle it is housed in and the glass pyramids outside. Notre Dame is also beautiful, inside and out.

Here are my real highlights though. First of all, I love the people here. Most people have been so friendly and lively. Maybe it helps that yesterday was Bastille Day, but everyone has had such high spirits They have defied every stereotype Americans have of the French, just like I though they would. Second, the food is amazing. So far I have had crepes, baguetttes, chocolate mousse, foie gras, and not a bite has been anything but delicious, whether from a cafe or street vendor. Third, I love walking the streets and sitting outside the cafes. It is a magical experience. Fourth, we got to see the most amazing fireworks show yesterday to top off Bastille Day. The show was at the Eiffel Tower. It was thirty minutes of amazing pyrotechnics coming off every inch of the tower. It was stunning. It made all other fireworks shows look like sparklers in the backyard. Not to mention that while waiting in line for the Orsay, we got to see the French air force fly by for the Bastille Day parade, a great way to wait in line.

Paris is wonderful, a magical place.

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