Jolly Ole London

Our friends the Bowsers who teach in an American school outside London graciously let us crash with them for four days, then were the best tour guides ever.

Saturday we walked from Waterloo Station to the Thames and down the river to the Globe Theater. We wanted to see a show but it was sold out, so we settled for an archaeological tour of the area. That was cool b/c they told us how things would have been in Shakespeare's Day. We also got to see the Rose Theater, currently under reconstruction, where Shakespeare did plays before he got popular.

Then we went to the Tate Modern museum, which has completely altered our view of modern/contemporary art. The works are explained enough to appreciate them more fully but not so much as to take away the viewers' interpretation. Of course some of it we really didn't "get", but it's a fantastic museum and I enjoyed it much more than I anticipated. We ate dinner on the 7th story restaurant with fabulous views of London and enjoyed a leisurely evening walk along the Thames.

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