Two Things I Love Around My Home - Mo's Corner and the Potter Closet

Today's items were Eric's idea to show.

1.) Mo's Corner
This is Morgan, our four year old black lab. She's yawning and very cute in this photo. She's got quite the set-up... complete with a doggie bedwarmer. Yep, that's right. Our house is very drafty and the floors are cold b/c of the pier and beam foundation, so we bought her an electronic blanket for dogs. The red flower pillow was on the ground long before we put her bed in that corner, but sometimes she flips it down and lays her head on it. Like she's a human.

We love her.

2.) Potter Closet

This item requires some explanation. Our unit has a very odd layout. It's a U-shape. So when you walk in the front door, you enter a foyer. You go to the right to enter our living room. Proceed to the dining room, where the only bathroom in the house is. Walk through the hallway to the left (the bottom part of the U) to enter the kitchen, then hang another left to the bedroom. The storage spaces are really crazy here, and this closet under the stairs next to the bathroom is no exception.

Remember in the first Harry Potter when he had to live in a closet under the stairs? That's why we call it the Potter Closet.
This photo is for scale. See how short it is? The door to the right with my shoes leads to the bathroom; the curtain to the left leads to my closet. Yes, my clothes closet is in the dining room. Eric's is in the kitchen. That will require another post to explain. :)

The Potter closet is our everything-that-doesn't-go-somewhere-else closet, like Christmas decorations and folding chairs and suitcases. And we can stuff an amazing amount in there!

Happy Monday!

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Cafe Fashionista said...

I so adore the fact that Mo has her very own closet! How incredibly cute!! :)

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