Two Things I Love Around My Home

I'm stealing this post idea from Brandi, who I'm pretty sure stole it from someone else... but that's how creativity happens, right?

We rent the bottom floor of a 1920s boarding house-turned-duplex. It's chock full of charm (and problems!). I think it's such a unique space and we worked hard to decorate it and make it reflect us for our first home. So here are my two things for today:

1.) The black and white wall

When I moved to this area four years ago, my roommate and I decided to collect black and white photos and hang them in black frames haphazardly on our living room wall (an idea I got from an Ikea catalog, of all places). We requested them for housewarming gifts and Eric brought me one on our first date. :) So they are photos from all over the worlds, taken by friends or us, or cut from posters or calendars. A few of my favorites (besides Eric's) - library street sign, prints from my trip to Venice, Houston skyline, and 1929 suffragette poster.

In the Hyphen House, we have a strange little hallway leading from the living room to the kitchen and it was the perfect place for the photo wall.
(The window actually goes into the bathroom... This was maybe an exterior wall at one point?)

(Opposite view - And I just noticed the vacuum. :)
We hung a floor to ceiling sheer curtain to soften the opposite wall.

If you decide to do something like this, I recommend laying all the frames on the floor to figure out what looks best. If we accumulate more frames we just add to the wall.

2.) Vintage Apron = Wall Hanging

Our kitchen is decorated in red and black (with blue accents). We had a big chunk of wall space to fill so I hung up my great aunt's sewing apron. I think it's adorable. And since I don't sew, it became wall art.

A while back I wrote about our house on This Ordinary Day if you want to know a little more about it.

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