Almost There

I can't believe my dissertation defense is tomorrow. Normally, at this point in the spring semester, I would be signing up for coursework hours for next year and finalizing my campus work schedule. But I won't be a student anymore.

That might be the part that's hitting me the most today. I have been a student for 24 years. 25 if you count preschool. I almost don't know who I am without school (and possibly another good reason I've been a teacher for so long and will continue to be one, probably forever). It's obviously a big part of my identity, but more than that it's been this constant goal, this looming prospect, this amazing thing that seemed unattainable at least half the time.

And it's finally here.

So here's to crossing the finish line with joy...

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EKH said...

I am so proud of you and so excited about tomorrow.

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