Two Things I Love Around My Home

1.) Magazine Rack

I bought this at Ikea several years ago and still love it. My last apartment was tiny so anything we could put on the walls was a storage solution. In this house, we have huge white walls (that we couldn't paint) so it helps fill in some of the blankness.

At Christmas, we take off the magazines and decorate it like a Christmas tree. We use silver garland and white ornaments, and either a tin foil star or a Santa hat on the top.

Magazines of choice: Relevant, Change, Travel and Leisure, Cooking Light, ESPN, Mutuality, and Priscilla Papers.

2.) Window

This is not a good picture, but a few of the doors have these windows above them. They no longer open but they used to be used for ventilation. They have a lever (painted shut) that would open them b/c they are so high. I really wish they still opened!

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