What To Blog

Sometimes I don't blog because I can't think of much to say or don't have much going on.

Sometimes (like now) I have so much to say and so much going on that it's hard to know where to start.

Here's some of what's whirling around in my head/life:

*Finishing my Ph.D. (Really? After ALL these years?)
*Moving to England (Also... Really? In 3 months I'll be an expat. Crazy.)
*Immigration (Today I'm loving "Los Suns")
*The "Ideal" Body (Great presentations from my Women's Studies students)
*Motherhood and Feminism (Not because I'm pregnant. Because I'm not.)
*Peaceful, Constructive Dialogue (Inspired by some recent and experiences and the Sojourners "Covenant for Civility")
*Upcoming Writing Projects (I'll actually get to write something besides dissertation!)
*Ending Human Trafficking (Please sign International Justice Mission's petition to President Obama here)
*Church (I'm feeling so blessed at our church. We'll be sad to leave.)
*Summer Travel (I've got four trips planned. Hooray!)
*Lectio Divina (Re: a chapter my small group read and is now practicing from Sacred Rhythms by Ruth Haley Barton)

Basically I'm just in awe of life and God at the moment. I am also exhausted. I think my body, heart, and mind are trying to decompress from a really crazy semester while digesting the reality of the next chapter all at once. I'm trying to give myself a lot of grace and just soak it in.

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Mitzi and Jerry said...

My small group discussed a chapter today entitled Lectio Divina from the book Eat this Book. Wow.

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