More London

Eric was set on taking the double-decker bus tour, and it really is a great way to see the city, so we spent the better part of a day on the "coach". He was also really set on sitting on the top, which was fine except the first 30 minutes when it was raining like mad. But I toughed it out b/c I love him, covered in a very unfashionable poncho.

Thankfully the sun came out in time for the Thames river cruise part of the tour, guided by a delightfully funny Brit with a classic dry humor. He referred to the London Eye as the London "eyesore" and a lot of other clever things I can't remember. I guess you had to be there.

We toured Westminster Abbey, my second time there. It's a little weird b/c it's basically a really ornate, indoor cemetery, and we're walking around with an audio guide. But the abbey itself is beautiful and I enjoyed hearing the Cantor's remarks on Anglican faith. Eric of course spent a good amount of time in Poet's Corner.

The rest of the afternoon we spent on the bus tour, with just one stop at Notting Hill. We weren't there on market day, but Portobello Road is still a great little street and it's a cool area.

We were fortunate to get tickets to see Wicked in a West End theater that night. Actually we were totally freaking out about it, b/c we've been trying to see this musical since we met. It exceeded our expectations and we had a blast. I didn't know much about the actual storyline but Eric had read the book, and we both enjoyed it immensely.

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