Paris New

I have been to Paris 4 times, its the European city thats easy to fly into and its central so you have to go through it. But its worked its usual magic on me and has completely captured Erics heart.

Today I saw mostly places I hadnt seen before. Vincennes is a medieval castle just outside town with the tallest keep in Europe. My imagination went wild inside the stone walls and royal chambers. we even got to climb the bell tower. The chapel is now a museum housing an exhibit of Bulgarian icons.

Then we visited the Orange museum; which has been under rennovation every time I came. The ground floor houses renoir; Gaugin; and others. But the main attraction is Monets water lillies; 8 mural sized paintings that were his final pieces. He painted them specifically to donate to France; and left instructions on how they were to be displayed; so they are stunning.

We also walked thru the Tuilleries which I dont recall doing before. They are a lovely large garden/park that used to be part of the Louvre.

We were to catch a train at 7 to Brussels; but the metro route we had taken all week changed just the day before and dumped us off halfway. we had to take a longer route which put us at the train station 3 minutes before departure. we rushed to print off our eticket but the Machine would not recogniZe our name and we missed the train. After an hour in the ticket line the very nice clerk simply moved our time for no fee and we made it to Brussels last night.

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