Blog for a Year

Eric and I saw Julie and Julia tonight, which is a delightful film that I actually found really inspiring. I love that Julia Child didn't discover her passion in cooking until her 40s, and worked on her book for over 8 years before it finally was published. Julie Powell gained her notoriety by cooking her way through Julia Child's cookbook - 500 something recipes in 365 days - and blogging about it.

After the movie, I asked Eric what he would blog about for a year. We didn't come up with something right away. But plenty of people have done it. Like the "Year of Slow-Cooking" blog by a woman who made something in her crockpot everyday - from casseroles to breads to desserts. Or Kevin Roose, whose "Unlikely Disciple" blog followed his "study abroad" year at Liberty University.

I've actually had some pretty good ideas, but I'll keep them to myself in case this whole doctorate things doesn't work out. (haha) It's just fun to think about.

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