First Day of School

I have always loved the first day of school. Even as a home-schooler my parents made a big deal about it, with new clothes and books and lots of build up. In college, I looked forward to new classes and challenges each semester. And now as a teacher, I still get butterflies and can hardly sleep the night before.

I guess that means I'm in the right profession! Last year when I was just writing, I found it hard to have any sort of rhythm. I also felt like I wasn't contributing to the world like I wanted to. It's hard to let your gifts lie dormant. I don't regret taking last year off from teaching, but I did miss it terribly.

And I'm glad to be teaching my one class this semester. I feel a little rusty, and in the past I've definitely over-prepared, while now I'm quite under-prepared. Oh well, here we go.

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