Celebrating Life

This week has been quite poignant for me. My moving preparations are not the only thing going on in the world, it seems. Today was the anniversary of the death of a good friend from college and a best friend's mom. Sunday we hosted a party to celebrate a six month old miracle baby.

D was one of those people who lit up a room, made people feel really comfortable, and drove girls crazy. I had the good fortune of spending a lot of time with him. His death 5 years ago came as a great shock to everyone. His friend gave the eulogy and beautifully recounted the toast D gave at his wedding. D told the bride he was mad she took his friend, but there was no one else he'd rather lose him to. The eulogist said he was mad God took his friend, but there was no one else he'd rather lose him to. I'll always remember that.

J's death was only a year ago, and therefore a lot fresher. It was also a big shock, not that you can ever truly prepare for death. Her daughter and I have been close for a long time, and we've spent the last year trying to process that loss. It affects everything, really. Those deep questions about why her life ended and how we are to respond might nag me forever. I'm just looking for the beautiful things. To quote the eulogy at J's funeral: "She taught us to be lavish in our love and to create our own beauty. To tell people what they need to hear instead of what they want to hear. To trust God. To serve. To give. To empower others with whatever we have been given. To see the best in people. To see the world for the brilliant, vibrant, and radiant place that it is."

C was born a few days after Christmas with a hole in her heart. This month she was "supposed" to have surgery, but her heart is fine and she's growing and vibrant. On Sunday, Eric and I became her godparents, along with her four sisters. We underestimated how much that would mean, and have been very moved by the whole family's expressions. It means we care about these five little lives so much we would raise them if we need to, and we'll invest in their spiritual welfare now alongside their parents as they grow up.

So I think life, in all its forms, is a miracle. Some lives on earth end early and some lives extend when they aren't expected to. I don't know why. But God is the author of Life so I can't help but acknowledge its beauty.

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