Leaving Los 'Trose

We discovered that our resident mouse had eaten at least a dozen roach traps, scattering the contents underneath all our furniture. We were horrified to FINALLY find his entry point – having thought we’d sealed every possible opening. But no, he/she went up through the pier and beam foundation, and chewed a hole trough the floor and carpet large enough to enter and exit.

The upstairs neighbor’s window a/c unit leaked a giant brown spot onto our living room wall, ruining our curtain. Thankfully we moved the couch and painting out of the way in time.

And the mold/mildew/dust and probably some out of code chemicals finally caught up to poor Eric, who sneezed non-stop during the packing process.

But we’re still going to miss it, desperately.

Choosing the house we selected as our first was significant for us. It was full of character and problematic enough to offer surmountable challenges. It was in a pedestrian neighborhood full of life that encouraged us to ditch our cars and bike or walk as much as possible. And it was in the middle of an area experiencing quite the identity crisis, trying to preserve the old and welcome the new, all while investing in diversity.

So thanks, Hyphen House numero uno, you were good to us.

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