Bullhead City/Laughlin

Eric's grandparents picked us up Saturday morning and we made the 1.5 hour trek through the desert to Bullhead City, AZ. Bullhead City feels like Midland with a casino. It greeted us with 118 degree temps! Since Eric's uncle is the host at one of the casinos, we had the opportunity for free stuff. We ate with Grandma in the restaurant and then saw Toy Story 3D.

Sunday we accompanied each grandparent on their favorite activity. For Grandpa, that's eating breakfast at Black Bear. He's a quiet man but spoke up then, telling us stories about his days in the air force and playing minor league baseball. Grandma had told us the night before about growing up in a toy shop, which has to be the most magical childhood.

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Bingo deserves its own post, but in case we don't get around to that, here are the highlights. My nearest encounter was previously auto bingo played as a child on long road trips. Bingo in a Laughlin casino is no joke. First you purchase a dobber (ink), then go to a window like in the movies to buy your cards and maybe a cash ball. Seating choice is key - that is if the 200 or so aren't already filled. Then it's full speed ahead, with crazy kites and 3 stamps and cover alls that totally stressed me out. Grandma is a pro - she does 18 cards at once. People curse when they don't win and cast disparaging looks your way if you talk. Eric's uncle has incredible stories of people yelling at him, complaining about the most minor details, and on occasion threatening violence. For bingo. After the 1:00 session we refueled with some food from the snack bar then had to get back upstairs to get there early for the 3:00 session (even though we had already saved our seats). Like I said, this is no joke.

Monday the grandparents took us to Oatman, a mining ghost town on the old Route 66. The main attraction now is the wild (very tame) burros that roam the street. It's mainly a short stretch of shops and a few places to eat. The Oatman Hotel (where Clark Gable allegedly stayed for part of his honeymoon) is now a bar. We were there in time for the gunfight - a silly but entertaining little show by two men in western outfits. Upon leaving, one of the burros stuck its head in the car hoping for a carrot. Sorry burro. Grandpa made his famous chicken fried steak that night and two of Eric's uncles and their families came over.


I never would have guessed that marrying my husband would take me to Laughlin, Nevada. I guess you really never know where life will take you.

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