Portland - Tuesday

Tuesday shall be known as the Day of Awesomeness, because it was basically the perfect day. (Only thing missing was Carrie, our other bff, who would have completed the trifecta.) We started the day (meaning, around 11:00 am) waiting in line at Voodoo Doughnuts, a Portland haunt that ALWAYS has a line even though its open 21 hours a day. I got a raspberry-filled powdered sugar (and ended up with a solid snowy layer of sugar ALL over my clothes) and a ODB (which I won't spell out b/c my grandfather reads my blog :), a chocolate cake doughnut topped with Oreos and peanut butter. (Photo Credit: Life Is a Roadtrip)

Then we drove out to Ecola State Park/Cannon Beach. We picnicked at the top of a cliff overlooking the sea, with the clearest sky you could possibly imagine. Then we braved a 1 mile hike for "experienced" hikers. (Abby said if by "experienced" they meant "possessing an inflated sense of ability" then that fit us just fine. :) It was beyond gorgeous; a steep uphill climb through the magical forest, then a relatively flat path over redwood roots and tiny waterfalls, then switchbacks down to a secluded beach. Crescent Beach is only accessible by this path. We stuck our toes in the water but it was freezing, so we just sat in the sand admiring it all.

Photo Credit: IronRodArt's Flicker Stream

We both turn 30 this year and won't see each other before then, so we went out for a special dinner Monday night. We found Vino Paradiso, a wine bar with a great dinner menu. We chose their tasting menu (3 courses for $25) and added the wine pairing (2 glasses of wine and a cocktail). Not my normal budget but we only turn 30 once! You know a meal is going to be good when you are freaking out about the olive oil the bread is dipped in. I had some sort of garlic/shrimp pastry topped with fancy lettuce to start, then handmade pasta with local mushrooms and a sauce that I'm sure I could never duplicate. I may never recover from the chocolate mousse, which came in second only to what I had in Belgium.

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