Portland - Monday

After a lazy morning, we went to Hawthorne Street for lunch. Portland is kind of like a giant Montrose, and Hawthorne reminds me a bit of downtown Heights. We found Bread and Ink Cafe and partook of the Farmer's Market sandwich and the Bacon Provolone Basil Sandwich, with side salad and fries complete with homemade catsup. Eric and I often order two different things so we can try more in a restaurant. Abby and I have a similar groove - we eat half then switch plates.

Photo credit: Portland Guide

Abby had to go to work for the afternoon so that left me to wander about. I bought some perfume oils at Escential Lotion and Oils. These are vegetable based, no alcohol, mixed with essential oils. I have a chemical sensitivity so I have to be careful about these things, but regular perfume just smells like chemical to me and I don't like it. Eric also hates the smell of perfume. But we can both agree on EO. I chose a white patchouli blend - different from regular patchouli because it's much lighter and more sweet. 
Then I just wandered. I sat at a coffee shop and read a book - for fun. I can't remember the last time that's happened. It was glorious to go to a coffee shop and not work. I caught a bus downtown in hopes of going to the art museum and/or history museum, but they were both closed b/c it was Monday. But I enjoyed sitting on a bench in the Park Blocks of downtown. 

I also sat in Pioneer Courthouse Square, "Portland's Living Room", a city park that's great for people watching. The strap on my shirt broke so I went into Macy's where a nice lady helped me pin it back on. I thought I was taking the Portland Street Car but ended up on the MAX (light rail), crossing the river waaay out of my way. It was alright b/c I enjoyed looking out the window and talking to people. 

I finally made my way to Powell's Books, the largest independent book store in the U.S. It covers an entire block and it's several stories. For bookophiles like myself it's more than amazing.  

I met up with Abby and we were starving. We fell into one of those "we're too hungry to think about where to go but we want to go somewhere good" traps. That led us to a raw vegan cafe inside a yoga studio where they served zucchini noodles. Can we just call it shredded zucchini? They are not noodles! Thankfully we found a cafe across the street that saved us - Sweet Masterpiece Chocolate and Coffee Bar. I feasted on quiche and Washington wine. It was a Riesling from a nearby vineyard I can't remember, but it was delicious.

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sarah said...

Yay for Powells! We stayed at the Ace, which was just a block or two away from there. Man, you're making me miss it! :) Sounds like you've had a great trip so far!

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